London Gallery

is the registered trademark that includes the most comprehensive selection of classic English furniture from different UK suppliers unified under one single brand name and presented in a single catalog. Chester&Button is the label of London Gallery for exclusive Chesterfield furniture.

Showroom London Gallery - Bruxelles

Back in the 80s (half a century ago already¡) Mr. Bryan Benys, founder and current CEO of the company, opens an English antiques store in the heart of Brussels (Belgium). Being British himself and forever passionate for classic style interior design, his commitment was always to revolutionize the Antiquing business with his dynamism and commercial training, to make it affordable to everyone.

The little antiques shop developed really fast in the next decade, growing into a successful medium size company by offering also measure made furniture and expanding its product range with new chesterfield sofas handcrafted in England and other office furniture such as bookcases, desks, replicas and reproductions, decorative objects...

In 1999, when e-commerce of luxury goods was still a novelty, London Gallery opted decisively for internet by creating its first website: This online tool was used to develop a growth strategy and go beyond national boundaries, increasing the references in catalog to propose even more products and reach customers all over Europe. Since then we have grown exponentially and gained public notoriety to become a global reference in the specific English furniture sector. Today, London Gallery brand products are marketed and distributed daily throughout Europe and overseas.

Faithful to the original formula of our success, we remain confident in the manufacture completely handmade and the authentic "Made in England", significantly differing from other companies selling British-style furniture but manufactured outside the United Kingdom and also from importers of containers of Asian products of inferior quality. Only London Gallery offers you a complete and 100% made in England, real British furniture catalog.

Behind the name London Gallery there is a team of professionals at your service who work hard to ensure the quality of the final product marketed under the label.

London Gallery coordinates the work of different workshops located at various points of the English geography. The creators of our furniture are craftsmen (cabinetmakers and upholsterers) whose tradition and manufacturing methods have been passed from generation to generation until the present.

Our purchasing department is formed by a group of experts visiting regularly auction houses in the UK to supply us with the best of the second hand and old furniture market. London Gallery also has its own team of restorers who carefully check every piece and certify their origin and good condition to ensure and optimal and safe purchase of antique furniture.

Our main show-room is still in Brussels (Belgium) and occupies a whole building of 4 floors filled with furniture that reminds the magical chaos of an traditional antique shop where you can find masterpieces of the past mixed with beautiful contemporary replicas. It is worth a visit.

Showroom London Gallery Bruxelles

Each item is checked thoroughly and subjected to rigorous quality controls on arrival from UK in our storehouse outside Brussels. Our professional staff packs carefully each order so it arrives to you safely.

To provide the best possible service, the sales team is completed by the department of interior design, warehouse workers and professionals in the logistics and transport sector. We coordinate shipments and deliveries of our furniture on a daily basis by hiring external transport companies nationally and internationally.

London Gallery has now thousands of satisfied customers who are the best proof of our history of commitment, professionalism and reliability.

Our costumers are lovers of classical interior design including liberal professions (law firms, notaries and private clinics), Embassies and official residences of diplomats, luxury hotels and restaurants looking for elegant and exclusive common areas, privates... Lately we have also help film and television producers in specific projects.

Chesterfield sofas are fashionable now and we have recently created contemporary designs for young audiences, modern and unique with metallic shiny leathers and intense colors never before applied to this type of furniture as gold or purple. Constant evolution and innovation at London Gallery.

The future is marked by the launch of this our new website in 2012. Entirely designed and created for you and with the aim to be even more complete, easy and accessible than its predecessor.

In London Gallery we work daily with the purpose of bringing to your home the finest of British Décor at the best possible price. The luxury is no longer only for a few privileged but for anyone with good taste and through these pages we offer the top of English furniture finally affordable for the general public.

On behalf of the entire team that composes London Gallery, welcome to our website.