Our Leathers

Our upholstery leather suppliers are leading manufacturers in Europe: CrestJMT and Futura Leather. Both have an established reputation for top quality leather and wide range of colours and finishes.

We have selected the most popular for chesterfield making on this website but between both of them there are around 300 different colours to choose from for your unique chesterfield. For a full view of the different ranges please check out the suppliers’ website. We can make your preferred chesterfield model in any of them.

www.crestjmtleather.co.uk  and www.futuraleather.com

All leathers featured in this website have undergone the most exigent testing and are suitable for domestic use.

The selection of leather for any chesterfield model depends upon the environment and look required. Full pigmented leathers are more durable than aniline or semianiline leather. In some applications, aniline leathers will wear with age and give an aged appearance which will enhance the look. Each hide is unique and variations occur such as growth marks, occasional scars and variations in grain. These variations add to the character of leather just as natural patterns add to the beauty of wood.

All our leather complies with UK Cigarette & Match specifications and other fire retardancy regulations as standard.


Antique finish or Rub Off (base price). Rub off is a variety of pigmented leather where the surface is made more attractive by the application of a contrasting topcoat, which can be partially removed (rubbed off) to reveal the underlying colour. This effect relies on a very thin top layer, which will have a more limited durability. This leather will be subject to colour change in use.

Shelly (10%) is made on corrected grain hides finished with a pigmented topcoat, which is embossed with an artificial grain pattern. This type of leather is available in many solid colours, and offers better light fastness and stain-resistance and is more easily cleaned than its semi-aniline and aniline cousins. Shelly grade leathers offer excellent durability and will stand up to more robust use.

Vintage: Old English and Selvaggio (+20%).

- Old English is lightly buffed, pure aniline pull-up leather finished with a blend of oils and waxes on top quality hides to achieve a unique and velvet like finish that may show scars and other natural marks to enhance its overall appearance of vintage look (cracked and distressed).

- Selvaggio aniline leathers, tanned to ensure a pleasing distressed finish; pull-up leather lightly brushed with bee-wax to give a matt and aged appearance. Some healed scars and wrinkles will be shown through the finished coat creating a fascinating vintage look. Each hide is unique and swatch samples should be regarded as no more than a guide for these types of leather.

Hand Dye (+30%). Only the best hides in a complex process involving leather in its unfinished state (crust) with a base colour coat by hand, using a fully aniline natural dye. Once the furniture has been upholstered, highly skilled finishers apply a second coat of colour and a deep coat of leather cream which nourishes and softens the leather. After cured for 2 days, a very rare palm leaf wax is applied and buffed by hand until a deep patina is achieved.



Leather as a rule requires little maintenance in the normal domestic application

Dust regularly with a soft lint free cloth. Vacuum regularly with a soft brush as the accumulation of dust and crumbs especially on buttoned areas and under cushions, can cause premature wearing. Use a damp clean cloth with a solution of mild soap and water to remove light staining. To avoid leaving water marks, moisten the entire surface evenly and lightly.

Don’t leave furniture in prolonged or strong sunlight. Avoid direct heat from fires and radiators which can dry out and distort the leather.

In case of spillages, blot excess liquid immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. Dry with a clean cloth and then allow drying naturally. Don’t use a hairdryer or apply direct heat. Proprietary cleaners may be required for more stubborn stains. Do not use cleaning fluid that does not specifically state that it can be used on the leather.

Don’t forget to check our leather care products on this website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information about the right maintenance of your chesterfield furniture.

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